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10 Dream Colleges of Interior And Architecture Designing in India

Nowadays we see high-rise apartments and buildings being made. Because of the increase in population, there is not sufficient space available for people to reside. Just to make use of sufficient space people hire interior designers. Interior designing as a profession requires people to learn basic principles of styling apartments/houses/offices and subsequently should know how to use different types of furniture along with other equipment so that the whole thing looks more organized and presentable.

Role of Interior Designers and Architects

  • Interior designers are responsible for adorning and interior space planning for residential or commercial buildings. Architects on the other hand are responsible for designing, planning and developing residential and commercial structures.
  • Interior designers and architects work closely for the initial planning stages of a building. This whole process help architects design comfortable and more functional space. E.g. an architecture may be helpful at the time of floor planning, window placement, etc.
  • Interior designers make optimum utilization of the available space with the help of professional designs which are not only well-organized, but also attention-grabbing, unique and safe for everyone. Demand for these professionals are on a rise as people are becoming particular about their house, because of the mere fact of shrinking space.
  • Architects are also required to provide predesign figures such as an environmental impact or feasibility study, cost analysis and land-use study

Education Required to Become a Successful Interior Designer

To become a successful interior designer, there are many options available to study this subject. There are many in colleges and institutes in India which offers degree and diploma programs in Interior and Architecture Designing. You can either pursue a graduate or postgraduate degree in Interior Designing, or diploma courses in architecture and interior designing. To get admitted at graduate/postgraduate level program, you will be required to clear entrance exams of various institutes, which will assess you on design aptitude, perception, logical reasoning, general proficiency, etc. The written exam is followed by a personal interview, during which you can showcase your portfolio; in some universities, it is mandatory.

Top 10 Interior and Architecture Designing Colleges in India

  • Ceramic & Glass Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation Film Design
  • Film & Video Communication
  • Textile Design

2. CEPT University

This university is located in Gujarat and was established in 1991. It has five faculties which are – Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Planning, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Design and Faculty of Management. Courses offered by them are: –

  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Master of Interior Architecture & Design
  • International Master of Interior Architectural Design

3. Arch Academy of Design (AAD)

It was established in 2000 and located in Jaipur which is also know as pink city. They conduct AIEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design) for Undergraduate & Postgraduate level courses in Design. In order to get shortlisted, applicants also need to submit a portfolio apart from appearing in the test and afterward take part in an interview round.

  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Craft & Accessory Design
  • Jewelry Design
  • Digital Design
  • Product Design

4. JJ School of Arts

It was established in the year 1857 in Mumbai. This institute started with the generous donation offered by Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy, the first Baronet. Students get admission in the desired program on the basis of their performance in MH-AAC-CET (Maharashtra Applied Arts and Crafts Common Entrance Test). They offer both graduate, postgraduate programmes, diploma and hobby courses. Programmes offered by them in different discipline are: –

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Metal Work
  • Ceramics
  • Textile Design
  • Interior Decoration
  • Sculpture and Modeling

5. School of Planning and Architecture (SPA)

It was established in Delhi in the year 1941 in Delhi. Later on, it was affiliated to the University of Delhi and integrated with the School of Town and Country Planning which was established in 1955 by the Government of India. They offer both graduate and postgraduate degree programmes in different disciplines which are:

  • Urban Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Building Engineering and Management
  • Environmental Planning
  • Urban Planning

6. College of Architecture and Centre for Design (CACD)

It was established in the year 1914 and is located in Nashik. It offers graduate programmes in architecture and design. Candidates have to clear Common Entrance Test (CET) to get admission which is conducted by the college. The CET comprises of General Ability Test, Creative Ability Test and Studio Test. Courses offered by the college in different disciplines are: –

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Set Design
  • Product Design
  • Furniture Design

7. Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy School of Art (SJJSA)

It is one of the oldest institution founded in the year 1857 in Mumbai. It is affiliated with University of Mumbai. The name came from a Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy a businessman and humanitarian who donated Rs. 100,000 for its establishment. They accept score from of NATA/JEE/MAH-AR-CAT entrance exam. It offers both graduate and postgraduate programmes in:

  • Architecture
  • Fine Arts

8. Vaastu Kala Academy (VKA)

It was established in 1993 in Delhi by the Institute for Socialist Education. This college is affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and approved by Council of Architecture and All India Council for Technical Education. They offer a full-time undergraduate degree and diploma course in

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design

9. Pearl Academy

It was established in the year 1993 and have different branches in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Jaipur. They do not offer any degree programs of its own. The BA (Hons.) and Masters Degrees are awarded by the Nottingham Trent University, UK. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in disciplines like:

  • Fashion Design
  • Interior & Spatial Design
  • Communication Design
  • Interior Styling & Decoration
  • Journalism and Mass Media
  • Product & Lifestyle Design
  • Fashion Styling & Image Design

10. Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University

It is an architecture and fine arts university located in Hyderabad and established in the year 1940. For getting an admission, the candidate must have the required qualifications depending upon the program and the selection is based on the performance in the qualifying examination. It is a government run university that offers degree programmes at various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in several disciplines like: –

  • Design
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Planning and Architecture

Interior and Architecture designing is a lucrative course that has been getting highly recognizable as a profession and popular these days. It is no longer just acquiring the capability to draw a plan. It needs to cater to the global expectation of the definition of an” Interior architect”. Today, it’s not just about the decoration. It has become a profession where a person can make any setting whether home, office or garden interior’s beautiful remarkable. A good college really helps you show to your creativity to the outer world.

Shape Your Future With Advanced Education Diploma

There is a wide array of advanced education diploma courses, which you can take up in order to improve your knowledge and strengthen your skills. These courses are developed for advanced professionals who seek career enhancement.

The contents of these courses contain updated strategies, facts and concepts, which are relevant to the present market standards. The courses do not include anything which is irrelevant. Upgraded and revised course contents help students become aware of various business policies and plans.

During the tenure of one such course, you will be a part of various assessments, project submissions, group discussions, presentations, and different types of activities such a quizzes and debates. All this will help you become more proficient with the present industry trends and processes. You will also be able to develop a sense of confidence within yourself. You will learn to build your communication power by interacting with fellow students. Through debates and group discussions, you will develop the power to logically think and analyse, and even put across your points intelligently. Moreover, with the help of presentations, you will learn to overcome your fear of public speaking.

In fact, you will successfully be able to exchange ideas and opinions with others, and in the process widen your horizon. Institutes also organise games and recreational activities to lighten up the mood of the students and help them develop a sense of camaraderie among the team members.

Owing to these above-mentioned benefits, working professionals look to brush up their knowledge, by enrolling for these courses. Advanced education diploma courses cover some of the following subjects:

• Leadership: An online programme on leadership enables the students to amp up the skills of a good leader and a good mentor. Students learn to leverage the best interaction strategies, which helps them drive positive business outcomes.

• Team Building: An online course on team building helps the candidates learn about various types of team development approaches. Such a course offers suggestions on enhancing interaction among team members. Students learn to override managerial, administrative and organizational barriers at work.

• HR Management: A course on HR management enables students to learn about the different HR policies and strategies. It helps the participants broaden their understanding about human resource management through an effective process. Students get an idea about the positive impacts on HR documentations, practices, systems and policies.

• Business Management: A course on business management helps students get a deeper perspective on implementing business tactics and techniques. Students learn to develop winning business solutions across a portfolio of segments. Apart from this, they also get an opportunity to acquire knowledge on risk identification, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), market analysis and project planning.

So, be it advanced diploma programmes, continuing education courses or part-time diploma programmes, Singapore is dotted with many professional training institutes which offer such courses. Find out the most renowned and reputed institutes at Singapore, and enrol yourself for your most preferred course. So, go ahead and give shape to your career.

Top 5 Floor Materials For a Luxury Residential Apartment

Style is an ever-changing idea. It is not a statement; the design trend keeps on evolving constantly. The functional aspect of the floor design considers materials like marble, quartz, granite or porcelain as the reigning supreme of the construction field. A luxury residential building can be brightened up with 5 following designs that can add value to any construction design.

Refined Granite Tops

Granite is a material that lasts long, fairly long. In comparison to other materials granite’s longevity is remarkable. This feature makes it perfect for bathroom and kitchen areas. Moreover, granite has a distinctive look that can be imprinted naturally on each slab you use. When you use granite countertops on a surface, the area gives out an escalated lavish vibe. Even granite colors are elegant. Think about using creams, grays and browns or mix them together into a uniquely warm colour- these colors will be able to easily blend in with wood cabinets or steel appliances turning the overall appearance of the house into a smart one.

Lavish Brazilian Granite

The feel of super luxury that you come across in some buildings like THE 42, can be brought in only with natural stone decorating the outdoor areas. The natural stones can sustain many winters, synthetic materials cannot. So, if you are approaching a gorgeous and complex outdoor design, you can use natural stones. Brazilian granite can be a great choice in this case. The color of the Brazil granite combines gray, white and gold. Since these granites can sustain even severe cold, it is wise to use this material for outdoor purpose.

Elegant Marble Bedroom

Have you see the lavish master bedrooms in the cozy, luxury hotels and thought that you want to go to sleep in a room like this for the rest of your life? Well, you can do that in your apartment design by shunning rugs and hardwoods and introducing marbles instead. The refined aura of marble slabs help the ambience of the room to play with light and colour. The surface of a marble floor reflects metal objects, furniture and the wall decors and enhances the light and colour dynamics within the room

Sturdy Porcelain Tiles

Everyone will agree with the fact that maintaining a carpet, or a lamination or even hardwood on the floor is quite a daunting task. The cleaning up takes forever in case of carpet or a rug. Laminations tend to wear off easily while hardwoods are easily destroyed in case there is a pest infestation. So, if you are looking for a wam but sturdy floor, porcelain tiles should be the ultimate choice for such preferences. The porcelain, though has a high-end appearance that intimidate people at the first glance, can be maintained very easily. The slightly grained beige shade of the porcelain brings an edgy look to the floor. Porcelain also lasts fairly long.

Neutral Colors of Quartz

If you are confused about the colour schemes for your home, you should definitely stick with neutral shades. Neutral shades always attract people. Quartz are the best materials for maintaining neutral shades and it does not also require very high level of maintenance. The middle tone of quartz with the interesting markings on its texture can make any design appear bright.

Be it a modern luxury residential apartment or an old one, these design ideas will definitely resonate with people. All that you have to decide is what budget you are looking at and accordingly, use any of these materials to have a marvelous looking apartment.

Give Your Career An Added Edge With WSQ Programmes

Having a niche expertise in any career field is a huge advantage these days. Especially with the massive competition in the job industry today, it is absolutely significant that you stay aware and well-informed about different business tactics and approaches. To become fully acquainted with today’s business trends, Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) programmes are something you can take up.

WSQ is a national continuing education system for busy professionals. To take admission for WSQ programmes, you need not have any academic pre-requisite. You can be from any discipline to apply for these courses. While enrolling for these courses, you will be able to enhance your skills in such a manner which would prepare you for a competitive professional setting.

The primary aim of these skills-oriented courses is to promote career development for the working individuals. Those who are looking to improve their expertise, find new career scopes, enhance their chances of employability, brush up their knowledge and get qualified for lucrative career opportunities can enrol for these programmes.

These workforce skills-centric courses can offer you 360° training. These can amp up your technical prowess and boost your proficiency. If you feel that you need to grow professionally to succeed in a competitive corporate setting, then WSQ courses are great for you.

Whether you belong to shipping, sales, marketing, banking, hospitality, healthcare, education, human resource, or any other sector, you can easily enrol for a WSQ course. Providing you updated training and education, these programmes can help you stay a notch above the rest. With best-in-class learning facilities, you become a lot more industry-ready, while pursuing such a course.

These professional certifications given to the students after completing a WSQ programme are acknowledged and recognised by top organisations on a global level. The contents of the courses are crafted, keeping in mind the latest business policies and the regulations. Based on the present industry needs, the contents are formulated and updated. This makes these courses even more relevant and advanced. Candidates, who take admission for these courses, do not miss out on anything important. They become fully adept and familiar with various kinds of business solutions and strategies. Students learn about the basic facts and information about their target industry. This makes them even more equipped with the latest tools and industry trends.

As a participant, you will get an in-depth understanding about your industry, while pursuing the course. To add to that, interactive learning sessions such as workshops, group discussions, Q&A rounds and presentations, further boost your knowledge. For example, a WSQ course on food manufacturing, will usually be provided by food manufacturing specialists, and might require you to submit projects on the qualities and standards maintained by food manufacturers. This apart, a WSQ course on workplace safety and health (WSH), might require you to dig deep into different segments and areas of study related to WSH. In essence, you will become a lot more comfortable with the way your industry functions.

Maximise Your Competencies With Corporate Training Courses

It is important for every corporate individual to engage with his visions, and have the necessary industry skills, which drive productivity. Industry-based training courses or corporate training programmes enable the learners to brush up their skills and hone their expertise. If you are keen to step up your career graph and look for newer job scopes then take up a corporate training programme.

These are professional courses which give an edge to your career. The courses help you boost your technical knowledge. To addition to that, they allow you to learn new work approaches and innovative strategies. These programmes help you maximise your performance and give you a competitive edge over your peers.

These courses are particularly created to nurture the skills and improve the organisational competencies of employees. Corporate training courses allow the students to address their performance gaps. The programmes are developed to enable the corporate executives, improve their knowledge, effectiveness and competency at work.

As a participant, you will be able to see a huge behavioural change, while pursuing this course. You will learn how to align your emotional intelligence with corporate initiatives. The course will strengthen your work ethics and help you perform better in an organisational set-up. You will become proficient with effective solutions to deliver measurable business results.

Singapore is a place which is punctuated with many educational academies and CET providers which offer professional training and guidance to adult learners. Each of these institutes hire qualified trainers who are market leaders and business heads themselves. Therefore, these trainers are totally aware of the market and its trends. They help the learners master important business concepts using case studies and unique learning methods. This helps the students build their skills and confidence.

The institutes also offer unparalleled infrastructural facilities for the students. The lecturers will also offer special training workshops and group activities to give students a detailed perspective about the corporate culture. Tests, assessments and valuable feedback from the trainers, further allow the participants to bridge their skills gap. Regular assignments and exercises prepare the learners with advanced skills and improved industry knowledge.

If you are keen to apply in a new organisation or get promoted in your current organisation, a specialised professional course is beneficial. And corporate training programme is a great option in this case. Such programmes will enable you to contribute to meaningful strategic business decisions.

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Learn to secure maximum value for your company
  • Understand the industry trends and the way they can impact your company
  • Evaluate the effect of changing markets by creating supply and demand curves
  • Reflect on personal skills and refine them for improved performance
  • Determine revenue-maximising business techniques
  • Evaluate insights for enhanced ROI
  • Adopt unique ways to create effective business solutions

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, you will also get to develop your communications and problem-solving skills. In essence, a corporate training or a company training course help an individual become market-ready.

Self-development And Skills Improvement Through Diploma in Engineering

Do you want to sharpen your technical expertise and engineering skills? Do you feel you need to learn newer tools and software to scale newer heights? Then pursue a Diploma in Engineering to realise your career goals. There are many educational academies in Singapore which provide professional studies for the working executives. Apply at any of these institutes, to build your skills and knowledge.

All those working executives who seek to boost their engineering skills benefit a lot from Diploma in Engineering courses. These diploma programmes include disciplines such as:

  • Applied mechanics
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Computer Basics
  • Chemistry
  • Machine Drawing
  • Mathematics
  • Electronics
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Technical Documentation
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Engineering Management
  • Industrial Management
  • Automobile Engineering
  • and more.

Depending on your professional needs, you can register for your preferred engineering discipline.

The most interesting part about these professional studies is that the contents are developed keeping in mind the newest industry policies. So, whichever engineering discipline you pursue, you will always stay updated and fully-informed about the latest strategies and concepts. This will help you stay ahead of your peers.

Singapore-based training academies offer interactive classes for the students. This deepens their knowledge base and broadens their perspectives. In addition, the contents of diploma in engineering courses include facts and details which are market-relevant. Not only do the trainers impart knowledge on the latest engineering technologies, they also focus on the application and the implementation of these technologies.

Students also get huge research facilities at the training institutes. The lecturers run special classes for the students to dig deep into their industry and analyse different concepts. The trainers also conduct workshops to educate the students on the newest engineering equipment and instruments.

A structured and advanced learning environment enables the students to understand and retain information better. Group activities and discussions, held at the training institutes, further boost the confidence of the learners and strengthen their logical reasoning skills. These activities also allow the students to enhance their communication power.

As a participant, you will gain technical and practical knowledge. You will learn to interact and talk to your co-workers in a clear and concise manner. In fact, you will also learn to be a good listener, which is extremely important to succeed as a professional. During the course, you will develop a cooperative attitude, something which is highly significant in the corporate culture.

One-on-one interaction with the trainers will also help you achieve a detailed perspective about the engineering sector. The trainers will share their own personal experiences with you, which will open up new vistas. You will acquire technical prowess. Moreover, regular assessments and examinations at the institutes will further prepare you for challenging job roles.

In essence, engineering courses, offered at the Singapore-based educational institutes, help you go up your career ladder. At the end of the course, you will be able to build up your professional network with industry experts and qualified lecturers. This will allow you to enhance your scope of work and secure your future.

What You Need to Be A Master of Medical Coding

We cannot deny the fact that healthcare jobs are difficult. A medical expert attempts to comprehend, interpret and diagnose any health issues in the human body. The job in the medical industry is not easy for a health information technician also as he needs to have a great knowledge of several codes assigned to various health diagnoses. Medical coding profession is getting highly popular nowadays, but often people want to know about many aspects of this field. They want to know is medical coding difficult? Medical coding is not a rocket science; however, you have to pass some certain exams like CPC exam and COC Exam to gain certification in this field.

Medical Coding

Coding is a vital aspect of the billing procedure of assigning codes to a health insurance claims. So actually, whenever a patient visits a clinic or doctor’s office for a checkup, the visit is assigned some particular codes to aid in tracking the causes for this visit. Coding system ensures that medical visits are properly and correctly categorized for the easy and fast procedure of insurance claims. The medical coding experts take care of allocating specific codes such as ICD, CPT, and HCPCS to each claim. They really work hard for their CPC exam prep to get certification.

The challenging factors of Medical Coding

For some people, the most difficult aspect of coding is learning to work on a computer system. One has to be an intelligent person with an attitude of attention-to-detail in order to be an efficient coder. In addition, he must be a certified person by passing CPC and COC exam. One more challenging part is keeping up with latest changes in the industry and coding regulations. The modifications in medical laws and government policy impact coding, thus it’s vital for a coder to keep up with these changes to evade documenting wrong information.

Remember, above mentioned challenges are the major reasons why medical coding experts are in such huge demand. Coding jobs offer good salary packages and the pay grows with your experience and credentialing ability.

Tips For Career in Fashion Designing

Do you hate being a bookworm? Are you passionate about clothing trends and styles? Is creativity your best friend? Well, if yes, then fashion designing can be an exciting career option for you. Moreover, your interest in sketching clothes and accessories can become a stepping stone for your path towards a lucrative career in the styling industry.

Though just by day dreaming about becoming it wouldn’t help you reach anywhere in the glamor industry. It is a field that requires lots of hard work, commitment and determination. So, if you are considering it to be a cakewalk, you need to rethink over your career choice.

Here are some guiding tips that will help you realize your dream of becoming a successful fashion designer.

1. Pick your Stream

Today garment business is not just about apparel and clothing as its horizons are going widen day by day. If you are sure about making a career in this industry but are confused about which path is right for you, then take a look at some of the key branches mentioned here:

• Fashion Designing.
• Accessory Designing.
• Apparel Designing.
• Fashion merchandising.
• Fashion marketing.
• Fashion journalism.

Find your interest and follow your passion; the success will surely come your way.

2. Enroll in accredited Institute

The first and most important thing for you is to get yourself enrolled in one of the top Fashion Designing institutions for brushing up and polishing your creative skills. The accredited apparel designing schools will offer you wide range of tutoring about the requirements of the industry. This type of complete professional assistance and practical knowledge will help you prepare yourself for the wonderful career in the world of fashion. It is a perfect platform for gaining exposure into different aspects of styling and designing industry.

3. Learn Fashion Principles and Market Trends

The whole curriculum begins with the fundamental principles of designing and nature of its industry. You will be made well-versed with the description of today’s fashion design markets, past style influences, top designers of all times and style conscious customers.

Furthermore, knowledge on latest fashion trends, business tactics and market prepositions are also taught to the students.

4. Other relevant learning

Apart from the above benefits, there is much more to learn when you are entering into the field of fashion designing. A certified course will teach you variety of methods that evolve within the industry and other several topics of relevance. Some of the topics covered are as follows:

• inclusive design process
• how to design within budgetary limitations
• use of textile fabrics
• the differences between woven fabrics, knit fabrics, etc
• technical design and
• flat sketching.

5. Internship Opportunity

Some reputed institutions provide their students potential internship opportunities with reputed companies for building outstanding networks. It is a good platform for keen learners to gain best professional exposure in a well-structured and organized environment.

How to Be a Good Content Writer?

Content writing is a creative skill that requires talent and an unmatchable flaw for writing. Being able to create content for a living can be an excellent and well paying option provided you get the basics right. The need for content is long from dying. In fact, now is the era when content related marketing is at an all time high. In simple terms, this means that content writers are in demand. But the important thing to understand is that content writing is an extremely complex topic and it is practically impossible to master every style. However, what you can do is develop your own style and gradually work towards mastering it.

Here are a few basic tips that can help you evolve into a good content writer:

Know creative writing

Education may have empowered you to read and write. But creative writing requires a different temperament. You need to be able to think, research and then write in a manner that engages the reader. If you lack the aptitude to do this, chances are you will fail miserably as a writer.

Your content better be fresh

All the information that you need is available on the internet than why do people rely on the ability of content writers? Well, the simple answer to this question is that information on the internet is generic and sometimes stale. It is the ability of content writers to produce fresh content that distinguishes them from the others.

Follow a schedule

Writing at your own free will and writing for others is very different. When you take up assignments, you will be expected to follow deadlines. The simplest way to do so is to prepare a schedule and ensure that you follow it. Work out a plan that is convenient yet comfortable to follow.

Learn the new techniques

Like other professions, content writing is also evolving. You need to keep yourself updated and be in tandem with the latest practices. In fact, invest time on a regular basis simply to read about the latest updates and do your practices.

Don’t forget to read!

The ability to write will evolve only when you follow it up with regular reading habits. We are not asking you to read anything and everything. Instead focus on what interests you. But, make sure that you read on a regular basis because it improves your vocabulary and overall command of the language.

Six Ways to Learn German Quickly

Learning German is as difficult as learning any foreign language. However, when we compare it to other languages such as Chinese, German has logical syntax.Moreover, it has adopted many words from other foreign languages. German belongs to the West Germanic family and most of its vocabulary originates from Greek and Latin languages and few from English and French. It shows some resemblance to Dutch, English, Scandinavian, Yiddish and Luxemburgish. Hence, if anyone is well-versed in any of these foreign languages, he can easily learn German.

German language is written using Latin script and is spoken by over 90 million people across the world. It is the official language of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, South Tyrol, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and the European Union. It has been adopted as official language of United Nations, WHO and other international organizations. Furthermore, German is widely used across strong economies of the world, making it one of the important business languages of the world. With so many native speakers and significance of German in the world, it makes a common sense to learn this language.

If you want to learn German, here are some of the easy ways:

1. Start understanding the basics: While you start learning any foreign language, it is important to understand its basics, starting from its vowels and consonants. As a beginner, you must learn the sounds of vowels and consonants as it will help you in pronouncing and learning German words easily. You should pay attention to the sound of vowels when they are pronounced alone i.e. without conjunction. German language has some extra alphabets (Ä Ö Ü ß) unlike English, so you must learn how to pronounce them.

2. Learn the most commonly used words: Learning any language becomes easy when you put it into your regular usage. Likewise, if you want to learn German, you must choose and learn the most commonly used words such as yes, no, hello, welcome, thank you bed, table etc.

3. Learn the basic sentence structure: After you have learnt vowels, consonants and the common words, you must get the basic understanding of sentence formation in German language. Given the fact that German is very similar to English, you will not find it difficult to learn sentence formation. Start with easy sentences first and then jump on to the complex ones. However, one good thing about German is, even if you put words in order wrong, correct pronunciation will get you understood in front of the native speakers.

4. Nouns, adjectives and verbs: As you proceed further, you can start learning nouns, adjectives and verbs used in German language. Start with nouns and learn some basic nouns which are regularly used in your routine such as home, furniture, transport etc.

5. Read: Try reading and practicing the words you have learnt. Get some basic books in German language such as children story books which are easier to read for a beginner.

6. Watch movies: Watching German movies with subtitles in your native language will help you to learn it easily. Subtitles help you to enjoy the movie and help you to understand the pronunciation of German words and dialogues. While watching movies, try paying attention on how German translations are related the dialogues in the movie.